Enrolling in an illegal driving school exposes you to serious risk. You’re also breaking the law.
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Beware of Sweden’s Illegal Driving Schools!

Becoming a truly competent, safe driver requires plenty of practice. Practising driving together with a trained driving instructor will make you both a better driver and help you pass your test. On the other hand, driving lessons can be expensive, which has created a major problem in Sweden – illegal driving schools.

Illegal driving schools are not just a problem for the community and for maintaining road safety, they’re also a serious problem for the students who sign up with them. If you’re one of them, you could end up in trouble. The following information will teach you what you need to know to make the smartest choices on the road to getting your driving licence.

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  • Who may offer driver training?
  • The many risks that come with illegal driving schools
  • How to be sure you’ve chosen a legal driving school
Who may offer driver training?

In Sweden, the market for driver training courses is regulated by law. To be allowed to offer driver training, a person must have the right qualifications and a permit from the Swedish Transport Agency (Transportstyrelsen). Likewise, the training courses themselves are also regulated. They must include a number of different elements to be approved.

The many risks that come with illegal driving schools

You can only receive complete and satisfactory training by enrolling in an approved driving school. If you take lessons with an illegal school, you won’t get truly reliable training and you also risk breaking the law. You could end up losing both your money and your learner’s permit. Not only that, you’re not covered by insurance if anything should go wrong during your driving lessons. It’s also important to know that a number of illegal driving schools have ties to criminal networks.
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How to be sure you’ve chosen a legal driving school

First, it’s important to check whether a driving school has all the right permits. Ask the school to confirm this. If you choose a driving school affiliated with the Swedish National Association of Driver Trainers (STR), you can be sure you’re signing up with an approved school. All STR-affiliated schools have all the necessary permits. They’ve also agreed to follow STR’s rules for designing safe and effective driver training courses. STR-affiliated schools also give you greater protection as a consumer, since you can always contact STR’s Complaints Committee for help if you’re dissatisfied with your school.
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You can check whether the driving school you want to attend is legal by searching for it on the Swedish Transport Agency’s (Transportstyrelsen) website. All approved driving schools in Sweden are listed there.
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